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In A Dream
The Juan Maclean
In A Dream
DFA Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 2014
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House music producer John Maclean and former LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Wang team up once again to present us their third studio album as The Juan Maclean on DFA. Co-founded by James Murphy himself back in 2001, the New York label has pushed forward dance-punk releases of related artists and its specific sound aesthetic ever since, and the latest The Juan Maclean offering is no exception. Maclean sets the clubby atmosphere with his bouncing beats and spacy synths. In A Dream is full of surprising choruses: the melodies of songs like 'Love Stops Here' leave deep impressions. The funky 'Running Back To You' proves the chemistry between vocalist and producer, and the through and through precise analogue percussion adds the warm feel that made out the best LCD Soundsystem works.

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  1. 1 A Place Called Space 8:18 The Juan Maclean Buy
  2. 2 Here I Am 6:00 The Juan Maclean Buy
  3. 3 Love Stops Here 5:01 The Juan Maclean Buy
  4. 4 You Were a Runaway 3:47 The Juan Maclean Buy
  5. 5 Running Back To You 7:03 The Juan Maclean Buy
  6. 6 I've Waited For So Long 6:17 The Juan Maclean Buy
  7. 7 Charlotte 4:22 The Juan Maclean Buy
  8. 8 A Simple Design 7:12 The Juan Maclean Buy
  9. 9 The Sun Will Never Set On Our Love 10:10 The Juan Maclean

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