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Pattern Repeat
Pattern Repeat
Pattern Repeat
Pattern Repeat
Catalogue Number
Pattern Repeat CD 01
Release Date
August 2014
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Pattern Repeat, the Danish duo of Dennis Bøg and Kenneth Christiansen, compile standout cuts from their recent self-titled 12” series. Bøg, who runs the Baum imprint, and Christiansen who operates Echocord, are certified experts in dub techno, and it shines through when they combine as Pattern Repeat. Highlights include rugged minimal opener ‘01B’, metallic banger ‘7A’ and the knotty, seemingly UK-influenced ‘2B’. For variety, there’s also the dubbed-out, half-time bouncer ‘Synthese’ and the stark vibes and rattling kick of floor-filler ‘7AB’.

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  1. 1 01B 7:42 Pattern Repeat Buy
  2. 2 03B 6:12 Pattern Repeat Buy
  3. 3 7A 7:17 Pattern Repeat Buy
  4. 4 2B 7:52 Pattern Repeat Buy
  5. 5 4B 7:32 Pattern Repeat Buy
  6. 6 Ofetriade 6:41 Pattern Repeat Buy
  7. 7 Synthese 6:37 Pattern Repeat Buy
  8. 8 02A 9:03 Pattern Repeat Buy
  9. 9 07B 7:37 Pattern Repeat Buy
  10. 10 05B 6:15 Pattern Repeat Buy

Pattern Repeat

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