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Broken Bone
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August 2014
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Yorkshire noise-mongers Broken Bone deliver a crushing full-length debut for Aperture. Their sound, not quite suited to any one style, incorporates elements from noise, industrial, techno and experimental improv. Whether it’s the creeping half-step of ‘Blood On Your Hands’ or the pulsating minimalism of ‘Building 6’, the brutal industrial tech of ‘Coercion’ or the twisted din of ‘Coma’, listeners will quickly lose track of genres. The most telling titles would have to be ‘Raw’ and ‘Catharsis’, which respectively sum up the artists’ sonic philosophy, and possibly the purpose of this purgative and powerful release.

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  1. 1 The Echoes They Left Behind 5:58 Broken Bone Buy
  2. 2 Blood On Your Hands 6:41 Broken Bone Buy
  3. 3 Building 6 6:05 Broken Bone Buy
  4. 4 Sub Clinical 7:38 Broken Bone Buy
  5. 5 Coercion 7:33 Broken Bone Buy
  6. 6 Regress 5:31 Broken Bone Buy
  7. 7 A Home for Phthisis 5:42 Broken Bone Buy
  8. 8 Sense Distortion 4:32 Broken Bone Buy
  9. 9 Coma 5:23 Broken Bone Buy
  10. 10 Catharsis 10:47 Broken Bone Buy
  11. 11 Unethical Research 4:48 Broken Bone Buy
  12. 12 Raw 5:40 Broken Bone Buy


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