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Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune
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August 2014
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Actress’ Werkdiscs and Ninja Tune team up once again for Moiré’s highly anticipated full-length debut. Following a few auspicious EPs, Shelter sees the London-based producer deliver a series of tough yet organic tracks that are more nuanced than any of his previous work. Taking his name from the moiré pattern - the technical term for an image created by superimposed patterns - his music works by fusing compressed textures to create eerie, immersive layers of decaying dance floor sounds. The velvety thumps of 'Dali House' recall the simmering, slow-burning majesty of the best deep house productions, but filtered through a shadowy, distinctive aesthetic, unusual production flourishes peaking through the cracks. There is warmth here too though. 'No Gravity' is a stripped and springy medley of steady bass drums, hi-hats and reverberant claps. Acid synth lines, spacey passages and a pair of vocal samples processed beyond recognition add depth. The over eight minute 'Elite / Hands On' moves with a syrupy, almost hallucinogenic kind of power, while 'Mr. Figure' closes the album on a lighter note, like emerging from a dense fog. Shelter is an album of great detail, a huge amount of care has been taken with every sound on here. It is this that makes Moiré stand out as an artist, and also makes him fitting company for Ninja Tune and Werk Discs' catalogue of impressive artists.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Attitude 6:09 Moiré Buy
  2. 2 Dali House 4:52 Moire Featuring Bones Buy
  3. 3 Elite / Hands On 8:22 Moiré Buy
  4. 4 Infinity Shadow 4:30 Moiré Buy
  5. 5 No Gravity 5:25 Moiré Buy
  6. 6 Stars 5:15 Moiré Buy
  7. 7 Rings 5:14 Moire Featuring Charlie Tappin Buy
  8. 8 Mr Figure 5:00 Moiré Buy


Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune

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