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Various Artists
Various II
030303 Records
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July 1, 2014


Dutch IDM imprint 030303 compiles another homage to the Roland TB-303. The second collection shows the label’s artists with a more dance floor focussed approach. Roy of the Ravers puts forward a super catchy melody in his palatable ode to the synthesizer. Cosmic Force’s restless pattern lives up to its associative title ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’. Drvg Cvltvre’s refined production aesthetic becomes apparent in the articulate structures of ‘My Neck Of The Woods’. With their prominent claps, hi-hats and cymbal fanfares, Jared Wilson and Elec Pt. 1 make sure the compilation doesn’t miss out on its percussive focus.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Mirage Kid Machine 4:04 Buy
  2. 2 Acid Hors d'oeuvre Roy Of The Ravers 4:52 Buy

    Acid Hors d'oeuvre

  3. 3 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Cosmic Force 5:22 Buy

    Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

  4. 4 My Neck of the Woods Drvg Cvltvre 5:38 Buy

    My Neck of the Woods

  5. 5 A Seed Jonny3snares 3:48 Buy
  6. 5 Genesis Recurring 101 Force 6:42 Buy

    Genesis Recurring

  7. 6 To the Box 101 Force 6:47 Buy
  8. 7 Morning Acid Jared Wilson 7:25 Buy
  9. 8 This is Not a Test Elec pt.1 5:56 Buy

    This is Not a Test

030303 Records

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