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Long Hum
Chesslo Junior
Long Hum
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May 2014
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Long Hum is Chesslo Junior’s premier vinyl release on Kelpe’s Drut imprint, a kaleidoscopic EP that packs in varying styles and tempos. Having previously released on Wotnot as well as numerous self-releases hip hop bootlegs, Chesslo’s multi-faceted house music is a plumb fit for Kelpe’s small label. On Long Hum, Chesslo expands on the 808 bluster of his previous releases, combining spacious soundscapes with the darker end of the house spectrum. Chesslo found inspiration for the album in the music library he worked at by day, spending hours digging through vacant scores of ad music, but this album is anything but blandly commercial. ‘Get A Grip’ features ghostly vocals and marks Junior’s first foray into singing. This is Junior’s most organic-sounding record yet.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Hyroglyph (Original Mix) Chesslo Junior 2:58 Buy
  2. 2 Hammond Noise (Original Mix) Chesslo Junior 3:40 Buy
  3. 3 Shimmer (Original Mix) Chesslo Junior 4:00 Buy
  4. 4 KTO (Original Mix) Chesslo Junior 2:47 Buy
  5. 5 Belgrade (Original Mix) Chesslo Junior 4:38 Buy
  6. 6 Get a Grip (Original Mix) Chesslo Junior 3:06 Buy

Chesslo Junior


Electronic and Electronica


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