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Cabaret Voltaire
#7885 (Electropunk to Technopop 1978-1985)
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 23, 2014


Following their box set #8385 on Mute, UK electronic music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire curate another part of their history for the label: selected by band member, Richard H. Kirk, the compilation features two crucial periods of the Sheffield legends. Depicting their work from 1978-1981 and from 1983-1985, the selection displays their eclectic, yet visionary ideas that are now seen as the influential predecessors of the house, dub and techno scene in the UK. It is their experimental, boundary-breaking aesthetic that Kirk chooses to reveal in #7885: the warping and time-stretching of their (naturally) analogue synths, their precise play with dissonance. Kirk juxtaposes the experimentalism with some more succinct works by picking 7’’ versions - boiling their industrial and post-punk sound down to its essence.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Do The Mussolini 3:06 Buy

    Do The Mussolini

  2. 2 The Set Up 4:48 Buy

    The Set Up

  3. 3 Nag Nag Nag 4:39 Buy

    Nag Nag Nag

  4. 4 On Every Other Street 4:03 Buy

    On Every Other Street

  5. 5 Silent Command 4:09 Buy

    Silent Command

  6. 6 Kneel To The Boss 4:00 Buy

    Kneel To The Boss

  7. 7 Seconds Too Late 4:22 Buy

    Seconds Too Late

  8. 8 Landslide 2:09 Buy


  9. 9 Breath Deep 5:18 Buy

    Breath Deep

  10. 10 Just Fascination (7'' Version) 3:34 Buy

    Just Fascination (7'' Version)

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