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Second Launch
Second Launch
Blackest Ever Black
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June 2014
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Organ and guitar collide in darkly beautiful fashion on this sprawling double LP on Blackest Ever Black. Bremen's second album, its melancholy music is matched only by its sombre titles: 'Hollow Wave', 'The Forgotten Ones', 'Walking The Skies'. The Swedish duo (Lanchy Orre and Jonas Tiljander) imbues plodding, contemplative moods with a never-ending curiosity characterised by virtuoso performance. 'Hollow Wave', for example, builds on a simple two-note anchor, with heart-rending improvisational piano and gated guitar chops adding flourishes of emotional succour.

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  1. 1 Entering Phase Two 10:04 Bremen Buy
  2. 2 Hollow Wave 11:31 Bremen Buy
  3. 3 The Forgotten Ones 5:10 Bremen Buy
  4. 4 Static Interferences 15:19 Bremen Buy
  5. 5 They Were Drifting 7:32 Bremen Buy
  6. 6 Sweepers 2:59 Bremen Buy
  7. 7 Threshold Crossing 9:32 Bremen Buy
  8. 8 Pace of Time 6:27 Bremen Buy
  9. 9 Walking the Skies 10:30 Bremen Buy
  10. 10 Voxnan 12:03 Bremen Buy
  11. 11 Sun Son 15:38 Bremen Buy


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