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Day Labor
Esteban Adame
Day Labor
EPM Music
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May 2014
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LA producer Esteban Adame presents his tribute to day workers around the world on his debut album. Released on Dutch label EPM, it houses stellar late-night laser moments alongside throwback house jams and workouts. 'Paraphernalia' and 'What I Really Thin' are crunchy numbers punctuated by vocal chops and cavernous percussion; 'Handed Down' (what a title) evokes funky 90s house wigouts; 'Another Day', meanwhile, is all syncopated stabs and ethereal strains. A joyous collection, this labo(u)r of love is truly inspired.

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  1. 1 Rise and Shine 5:36 Esteban Adame Buy
  2. 2 Out to get it 4:52 Esteban Adame Buy
  3. 3 The Grind 6:40 Esteban Adame Buy
  4. 4 Paraphernalia 5:38 Esteban Adame Buy
  5. 5 Handed Down 5:15 Esteban Adame Buy
  6. 6 Home Sick 6:35 Esteban Adame Buy
  7. 7 The Reason 5:15 Esteban Adame Buy
  8. 8 What I Really Think 5:15 Esteban Adame Buy
  9. 9 Another Day 5:52 Esteban Adame Buy
  10. 10 Friday Night DUI 7:19 Esteban Adame Buy

Esteban Adame

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