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Black Frames
Dave Aju
Black Frames
Circus Company
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June 2014
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San Franciscan Marc Barrit returns as Dave Aju to Circus Company once again with his third full-length release. More than ever, the producer looks back to his history as an MC: although mainly based around a house framework, the hip hop and soul influences are still significant. With his distinctive voice, Barrit himself provides most of the vocals for Black Frames, which he playfully alters with filter effects. The diversity of the album is not only reflected in its eclecticism of genres, but also in its variety of tempos with the uptempo ‘Bee’s Birth’ contrasting the laid-back ‘When We Drift’.

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  1. 1 Race On Haight 4:16 Dave Aju Buy
  2. 2 Nu Threads 5:41 Dave Aju Buy
  3. 3 Clean St. 8:56 Dave Aju Buy
  4. 4 Nobody Knows 6:35 Dave Aju Buy
  5. 5 Vins Noirs 8:59 Dave Aju Buy
  6. 6 Psylica 8:15 Dave Aju Buy
  7. 7 Law 4:45 Dave Aju Buy
  8. 8 Bee's Birth 5:32 Dave Aju Buy
  9. 9 When We Drift 5:28 Dave Aju Buy

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