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Donato Dozzy
Further Records
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July 2014
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In 2010 Donato Dozzy released his beautifully dense and atmospheric album K on Further Records. It's a set of luxuriating tracks built with a deep, avant-garde sensibility. Dreaming drones and fogs of analogue haze elegantly unfurl over a foundation of smoothly popping beats, creating a smudged and tripped out take on techno that is undeniably hypnotising. It sounded stunning upon it's initial release - but listening back to it now it's clear just how much of an influence it has been on electronic music.

The opening track alone is captivating enough to make this a stand out release: an infinite maze of densely layered noise that sounds like it could keep on gently palpitating forever. Elsewhere, the tougher kicks of the third track hold a more sensual, earthy sway while the following fourth track is a hallucinatory world of glistening, smoky electronics that sound like they've been turned inside out. Even the more straight-forward moments are spectacular, such as the ghostly whirr and dubbed out grind of track 6 and the groaning acid of the album's final moments. An immersive release from the Italian producer that remains unmatched in the otherworldly techno stakes.

Please note the CD contains the seven tracks mixed into two tracks.

  1. Track 1: 27:36 min

2. Track 2: 27:31 min
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  1. 1 K1 12:27 Donato Dozzy Buy
  2. 2 K2 5:13 Donato Dozzy Buy
  3. 3 K3 8:13 Donato Dozzy Buy
  4. 4 K4 6:36 Donato Dozzy Buy
  5. 5 K5 6:29 Donato Dozzy Buy
  6. 6 K6 3:30 Donato Dozzy Buy
  7. 7 K7 10:12 Donato Dozzy Buy

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