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All The Colours Of The Dark
Bruno Nicolai
All The Colours Of The Dark
Finders Keepers Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2014

Another gem from Finders Keepers. This time they present the soundtrack to All The Colours of The Dark by Italian composer and friend of Morricone Bruno Nicolai. Wistful '70s classical pop, wild jazz, the hallmark frantic beats of the giallo, all soundtracking the heartbreak of being lost in a devil-worshipping cult - it’s a trip. Part of a retrospective of the work of Nicolai on the films of Edwige Fenech, it’s a wonderful look at a stellar soundtrack that deserves attention from more than just diehard collectors and giallo fans.

##Track List

  1. Sabba
  2. Magico Incontro
  3. Propiziazione
  4. Evocazione
  5. Magico Incontro
  6. Bambole
  7. Insidia
  8. Oppressione
  9. Insidia
  10. Espiazione
  11. Medium Sabba
  1. 1 Sabba Bruno Nicolai 3:45

Bruno Nicolai

Finders Keepers Records

Vinyl Reissue

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