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Young Alaska
Christian Loeffler
Young Alaska
Ki Records
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April 2014
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Christian Loeffler releases his album Young Alaska on the label Ki Records, of which he is co-founder, following a string of deep and emotive releases on C.Sides and Orphanear. Young Alaska is arguably his finest work to date, distilling a stirring, mood-rich take on techno, ghostly vocals and crackling, delicate beats pulled onto dance floor templates. 'Notes' revolves around mournfully fluttering vocals and crisp but light percussion, building a soulful odyssey that, while it pulsates with the steady thump of club music, is far more geared towards the heart and head. The gritty strings and pinging synths that carry the opening title track are hypnotising, while the spiralling electronics of 'Mt. Grace', underpinned by sighing voices, is strangely moving. 'Beirut' is probably the album's most club-focused moment, glimmering pads creating a tightly wound atmosphere. The lulling piano chords of 'All Comes' provide further ambivalent, electronic emotion. All in all, it's an unusual but moving album, techno tropes used to create dark but soulful music.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Young Alaska Christian Loeffler 4:26 Buy
  2. 2 Mt. Grace Christian Loeffler 4:33 Buy
  3. 3 Notes Christian Loeffler 7:05 Buy
  4. 4 Beirut Christian Loeffler 7:40 Buy
  5. 5 Roman Christian Loeffler 7:28 Buy
  6. 6 All Comes Christian Loeffler 3:55 Buy
  7. 7 Veiled Grey Christian Loeffler 5:50 Buy
  8. 8 Alpine Sketch Christian Loeffler 1:42 Buy

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