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Membrane Pop
Membrane Pop
Software Recording Co.
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May 2014
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New Zealand animator Reuben Sutherland and Brit producer Dan Hayhurst make up electronic pop act Sculpture, a self-described “opto-musical agglomerate” with a history of impressive label collaborations behind them including Kaleidoscope and Digitalis. This latest release for Software offers eleven tracks of fizzy experimental beats, with lead single ‘Polymorphic Operator’ serving up a mix of tangled, voodoo-edged bongos, pillowy static and swelling synth chords that feel as gentle and majestic as ‘Music For Airports’-era Eno. With bonkers psychedelic visuals to match this is the most dazzling work yet from a duo we highly recommend catching live.

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  1. 1 Materialising 3:45 Sculpture Buy
  2. 2 Multi-Faith Capsule 4:10 Sculpture Buy
  3. 3 Symbolic Molecule 2:25 Sculpture Buy
  4. 4 Unhitch Your Program 1:55 Sculpture Buy
  5. 5 Polymorphic Operato 1:35 Sculpture Buy
  6. 6 5 Seconds in the Future is a You Made of Pure Thought 5:22 Sculpture Buy
  7. 7 Hackle Scan Populator 3:55 Sculpture Buy
  8. 8 Distraction Display 2:10 Sculpture Buy
  9. 9 Lingual Junk 3:43 Sculpture Buy
  10. 10 Dance of Oblate Spheroids (Bonus Track) 3:33 Sculpture Buy
  11. 11 Instability (Bonus Track) 5:44 Sculpture Buy


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