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Petit Cochon
Petit Cochon
Spectrum Spools
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 2014

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With Petit Cochon Cleveland-born producer Prostitutes brings his tool-precision brand of metallic techno to Spectrum Spools, the Editions Mego offshoot, and his grinding beats are a plumb fit for the revered, noise-embracing label. The producer has had his nose to the grindstone ever since he surfaced, with numerous releases via Digitalis, Diagonal and Opal Tapes’s ‘Mirror And Gate’ series, and his frenzied work-rate shows no sign of abating with Petit Cochon. Picking up where his Truncheon Cadence EP, released earlier on Mira, an offshoot of Shifted and Ventress’ Avian label, left off, the album is replete with sub-woofer splitting beats and cosmic sonic zones as seemingly infinite as deep space itself.

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  1. 1 Powerful Magnets 1:30 Prostitutes Buy
  2. 2 The Bluffer'Â?Â?s Corporation 5:51 Prostitutes Buy
  3. 3 Tube Without Exit 2:20 Prostitutes Buy
  4. 4 Build Your Kits 5:30 Prostitutes Buy
  5. 5 Suck out the Reason 2:54 Prostitutes Buy
  6. 6 A Number Between Their Eyes 2:04 Prostitutes Buy
  7. 7 Cylindrical Habitat 4:29 Prostitutes Buy
  8. 8 Stains Left Unnamed 3:17 Prostitutes Buy
  9. 9 Suffocate, Purchasing 3:38 Prostitutes Buy
  10. 10 Four Basic Forces 6:37 Prostitutes Buy


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