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Yahoo or the Highway
Yahoo or the Highway
Donky Pitch
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April 2014
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Scottish producer Tom Banks aka Lockah unleashes his full-length debut on Donky Pitch, the cheekily titled Yahoo Or The Highway. Banks’ neon-hued productions benefit from the album format, allowing him to stretch out and try a number of different modes and tempos. For those in search of big, sunny synth-lines, syrupy melodies and Miami-indebted bass, there’s ‘Ayyo Tricknology,’ ‘Summer Jorts’ and single ‘If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Wrong.’ On saccharine slow-jam ‘Cleft n Twain’ and the melodramatic ‘Some Velvet Evening,’ Banks wisely slows the tempo. He picks the energy back up towards the end with a pair of freestyle-infused tracks, ‘Every Song Was About U’ and 'Street Jam To The Second Power'.

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  1. 1 A Face Only Another Could Love 3:15 Lockah Buy
  2. 2 Some Velvet Evening 4:10 Lockah Buy
  3. 3 Ayyo Tricknology 4:05 Lockah Buy
  4. 4 Contact High Wit Big Lockah 4:45 Lockah Buy
  5. 5 Thick-Ass Jawn Riddim (Devil Mix) 0:33 Lockah Buy
  6. 6 If Loving U Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Wrong 4:07 Lockah Buy
  7. 7 Cleft n Twain 3:11 Lockah Buy
  8. 8 Summer Jorts (Some Cats Still Do) 5:29 Lockah Buy
  9. 9 Shark's Sad Mouth in the 1st Pic 0:32 Lockah Buy
  10. 10 Heartless Monster 4:52 Lockah Buy
  11. 11 Every Song Was About U 3:17 Lockah Buy
  12. 12 I Went Home 1:06 Lockah Buy
  13. 13 Street Jam to the Second Power 5:03 Lockah Buy


Donky Pitch

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