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Mondo Black Chamber
David Toop
Mondo Black Chamber
Sub Rosa
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March 2014
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Mondo Black Chamber is the complete collection of David Toop's output released on Sub Rosa. Toop is an intriguing and multi-talented individual who has worked both extensively as a journalist and musical historiographer, and as as an experimental ambient composer whose work has spanned decades. Disc 1 of Mondo Black Chamber includes Toop's 2000 album 37th as well as additional odds and ends from the era, while Disc 2 features his 2003 album Black Chamber. This accomplished ambient music is as rousing and effective as it has ever been; being at once both imperceptibly subtle, and awe inspiringly complex and multi-layered.

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  1. 1 21st Floor Discotheque at 4am 1:44 David Toop Buy
  2. 2 Dream Cargoes 8:21 David Toop Buy
  3. 3 Nocturnal Service Shaft 8:56 David Toop Buy
  4. 4 Empty Mall 1:01 David Toop Buy
  5. 5 Automatic Security Procedures 2:40 David Toop Buy
  6. 6 Disposal Chute Inoperative 7:49 David Toop Buy
  7. 7 37th Floor at Sunset 5:11 David Toop Buy
  8. 8 Brand New 2:22 David Toop Buy
  9. 9 Virtual Pet #1 0:29 David Toop Buy
  10. 10 Air-Con Function 5:47 David Toop Buy
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