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Volume 4
Cut Hands
Volume 4
Dirter Promotions
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March 2014
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William Bennett (formerly of Whitehouse) releases a fourth volume of music for Dirter Promotions as Cut Hands. ‘El Paco Mayombe’ and ‘River Mumma’ must rank as some of Bennett’s strongest material to date, with the former constructing a powerful sense of dread from sliding string and synth tones, and the later drenching a distant female incantation in a spooky delay. Combined with more of the syncopated tribal beats the artist has made his own, this is an intense and rewarding EP.

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  1. 1 Eat Them Like Bread Cut Hands 1:01
  2. 2 El Paco Mayombe Cut Hands 1:01
  3. 3 Black Mamba Cut Hands 1:01
  4. 4 Inchantment Cut Hands 1:03
  5. 5 River Mumma Cut Hands 1:01

Cut Hands

Dirter Promotions

Experimental and Noise

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