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Cagney XOR Lacey EP
Cagney XOR Lacey EP
Apollo Records
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març 2014
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John Davies aka Datassette readies the Cagney XOR Lacey EP, a typically future-leaning debut release for R&S offshoot Apollo. The four melodic cuts on the EP skirt the boundaries of classic electro and more left-field, electronica-styled arrangements. The title track ‘Cagney XOR Lacey’ is split in two halves, with ‘Part 1’ a fuzzy, shuffling piece with a noodling bass-line and ‘Part 2’ more reigned in, littered with micro-sampled voices and warped patterns. With ‘Vacuform’ we find ourselves in more classic electro territory, albeit in the cosmos whereas ‘Helvetica Calcium’ is the floor favourite with its bouncy, twinkling groove.

Llista de pistes digitals

  1. 1 Cagney XOR Lacey (Pt. 1) Datassette 8:47 Comprar
  2. 2 Vacuform Datassette 4:10 Comprar
  3. 3 Helvetica Calcium Datassette 6:02 Comprar
  4. 4 Cagney XOR Lacey (Pt. 2) Datassette 7:32 Comprar


Apollo Records

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