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Planet Mu
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March 2014
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Following releases on a number of strong UK labels, including Punch Drunk and Perc Trax, Nick Edwards aka Ekoplekz landed this year on the legendary Planet Mu with new album Unfidelity. It's arguably some of his best work, showcasing a distinct ability to build complex and engaging music that still sparks with experimental fervour. The muffled pads of 'Trace Elements', which give way to the bleep-riddled, drugged throb of 'Nerva Bacon' open the release, kick-starting a deep and immersive trip, layers of contorted noise and electronics weaving a hallucinatory spell.

'Robert Rental' judders and clambers along with sludge-like bass under a hazy of noise and distant melody. 'Severn Beach' revolves magnetically, far-off sights and scents evoked in its foggy uncertainty. The scattered kicks of 'Seas 90' are pulled apart by contorted drones and otherworldly bleeps and whirs. Title track 'Unfidelity' swirls with celestial ambience, but comes littered with dub interference which keeps things darker and more earthy in flavour, while 'Pressure Level' skitters roughly, a thick dub bass-line and dubbed out guitars making for a track of unexpected rhythmic flow. The overall result is a thrillingly varied and often surprising album, one that showcases a distinctive rising talent. A success for its creator Ekoplekz and another home run for Planet Mu.

As featured in the Mid-year Roundup 2014

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  1. 1 Trace Elements 5:28 Ekoplekz Buy
  2. 2 Nerva Beacon 6:09 Ekoplekz Buy
  3. 3 Robert Rental 3:12 Ekoplekz Buy
  4. 4 Severn Beach 7:59 Ekoplekz Buy
  5. 5 Sea 90 4:43 Ekoplekz Buy
  6. 6 Unfidelity 4:41 Ekoplekz Buy
  7. 7 Coalpit Heath 6:15 Ekoplekz Buy
  8. 8 Pressure Level 5:26 Ekoplekz Buy
  9. 9 Analogue Twitch 6:15 Ekoplekz Buy
  10. 10 Tuning Out 5:28 Ekoplekz Buy
  11. 11 Sleng Zen 4:59 Ekoplekz Buy


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