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Alpha Pup Records
Cat. No.
Release Date
January 2014
17 Tracks


Mast is Tim Conley, an LA-based electronica composer with classic jazz influences. Apparently inspired by Japanese painter Katsushika Hokusai (best known for his Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji prints), Mast takes the same approach to songwriting: this debut LP comprises 17 views of widely experimental electronic pop. Though most tracks are instrumental, guest vocalists bring out Conley’s ear for a tune, with Anna Wise of Sonnymoon telling stories over the eerie glitch beats and dramatic piano on ‘Red’, and Warp's Jeremiah Jae rapping to the shuffling beats and retro chimes of ‘The Waters’. An original-sounding LP that stays bright and dazzling throughout.

Track List

  1. 1 Hokusai 2:04 Mast Buy
  2. 2 The Waters (feat. Jeremiah Jae) 3:36 Mast Buy
  3. 3 Ascent 2:32 Mast Buy
  4. 4 Vascular 3:20 Mast Buy
  5. 5 Dark Matter 3:43 Mast Buy
  6. 6 Ghost (feat. Low Leaf) 3:10 Mast Buy
  7. 7 Revolt 2:47 Mast Buy
  8. 8 Red (feat. Anna Wise) 2:58 Mast Buy
  9. 9 Omni 1:25 Mast Buy
  10. 10 Until You Are Sound (feat. RYAT) 4:53 Mast Buy
  11. 11 Snoozer 2:58 Mast Buy
  12. 12 The Great Wave 2:43 Mast Buy
  13. 13 Solar Sail 3:16 Mast Buy
  14. 14 Wind 2:42 Mast Buy
  15. 15 Wail Song 3:13 Mast Buy
  16. 16 Metempsychosis 3:39 Mast Buy
  17. 17 Devotion 2:40 Mast Buy


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