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Doorman in Formant
Doorman in Formant
Fifth Wall Records
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January 2014
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UK artist Metrist returns with a his second release and first for Fifth Wall Records. Its's an EP that explores the roughness of industrial techno, pulling it into distinctive shapes and playing with the precision of 4/4 rhythms. Opening track 'Third Wall' is a heavily clunking, stuttering mass of blunt drums and squalling synthwork while Eomac's remix of the track turns it into something relatively more ethereal and spooky. 'Lofstrom' is a propulsive sharply paced work out while 'Leviathanks' rounds off the EP with murky plunging bass.

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  1. 1 Third Law 5:29 Metrist Buy
  2. 2 Third Law (Eomac Remix) 6:17 Metrist Buy
  3. 3 Lofstrom 6:20 Metrist Buy
  4. 4 Leviathanks 5:59 Metrist Buy
  5. 5 Dragen Tract 5:59 Metrist Buy


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