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Various Artists
Let No One Judge You - Early Recordings from Iran, 1906 - 1933
Honest Jon's Records
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January 30, 2014


Honest Jon's Records have excelled themselves with this latest compilation from the label: a thirty-four track compilation of music from Iran recorded between 1906 and 1933. The songs and instrumentals collected here range from beautiful pieces by the Royal Court Orchestra made at the beginning of the 20th Century, through to powerful performances by female musicians and work from famed tar-player Morteza Ney-Davud. It's a stunning look at a rarely documented time and location where exceptional music was still being made.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Bid?d (Hom?yun) EbrÄ?him and Royal Orchestra 2:44 Buy

    Bid?d (Hom?yun)

  2. 2 Gavri (Shur) RezÄ?-Qoli & Akbar 3:15 Buy
  3. 3 Bay?t Esfah?n (Hom?yun) Seyyed Hoseyn TÄ?herzÄ?deh & HabibollÄ?h Moshir-HomÄ?yun 2:59 Buy

    Bay?t Esfah?n (Hom?yun)

  4. 4 Dar?mad (Hom?yun) Seyyed Hoseyn TÄ?herzÄ?deh & Akbar 3:13 Buy

    Dar?mad (Hom?yun)

  5. 5 Tar Solo Unknown 3:03 Buy
  6. 6 Dar?mad, D?d (M?hur) Moluk ZarrÄ?bi 3:33 Buy

    Dar?mad, D?d (M?hur)

  7. 7 Mansuri (Chah?rg?h) ParvÄ?neh 3:35 Buy

    Mansuri (Chah?rg?h)

  8. 8 Z?bol, Mokh?lef (Seg?h) ParvÄ?neh 3:51 Buy

    Z?bol, Mokh?lef (Seg?h)

  9. 9 Mokh?lef (Seg?h) Abd-ol-Hoseyn ShahnÄ?zi 3:35 Buy

    Mokh?lef (Seg?h)

  10. 10 Bay?t Esfah?n, Bay?t R?je? (Hom?yun) Akhtar 3:48 Buy

    Bay?t Esfah?n, Bay?t R?je? (Hom?yun)

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