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In Memory of Old Gear
In Memory of Old Gear
Uncharted Audio
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January 2014
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UK trio Octavcat pop back up with another full length on Uncharted Audio, their first since 2008’s Hard As Snails. As suggested by its title, the music on In Memory Of Old Gear was made with and pays homage to the cherished synthesizers, ageing FX units and dodgy drum machines the group has collected over their first ten years. The star-gazing ‘Diurnal Arc’ is built around kaleidoscopic synths typical of Boards Of Canada. The break-beats and moody synths of ‘Fighting Cider’ and ‘Panstarrs’ scream early-90’s Warp, as does ‘C16 Dual’, with its tightly wound oscillator and glitch effects.

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  1. 1 Rotator Cuff 5:14 Octavcat Buy
  2. 2 Spotbommit 5:11 Octavcat Buy
  3. 3 C16 Dual 3:25 Octavcat Buy
  4. 4 Diurnal Arc 4:12 Octavcat Buy
  5. 5 Quanta 5:41 Octavcat Buy
  6. 6 Beetrootbeat 4:04 Octavcat Buy
  7. 7 Fighting Cider 4:57 Octavcat Buy
  8. 8 Panstarrs 3:59 Octavcat Buy
  9. 9 Nguyen 5:10 Octavcat Buy
  10. 10 Duad 5:02 Octavcat Buy
  11. 11 Ibux 5:20 Octavcat Buy


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