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BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Radiophonic Workshop
Music On Vinyl
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November 28, 2013


‘Radiophonic Workshop’ is one part of a pair of re-releases from the vaults of the BBC’s venerable project of the same name, and was originally released in 1975. The record evidences the spirit of play and innovation which is the legacy of the workshop, with contributions from six artists which straddle the line between jingles and more abstract pieces, all the while retaining a commitment to vanguard electronic sound.

Dick Mills’ ‘Adagio’ conjures a sense of alien space from ethereal analogue tones which jitter and fizz while Roger Limb’s ‘Geraldine’ concentrates rudimentary synthesised sound into a quirky slow funk number which anticipates the music of Squarepusher in its sense of combined naivety and technical prowess. Malcom Clarke’s ‘La Grand Piece…’ is a demented theme tune for children built from the squelching modular tones one might expect from an Ekoplekz or Bass Clef record, while John Baker’s ‘Brio’ has a naggingly memorable brass motif embedded within its walls of avant machine noise.

Having the collection repressed to vinyl feels timely, given the influence that the work has had on artists as legendary as Aphex Twin over the last 30 years. Taking some time to appreciate the foundations laid in marginal conditions by these early electronic pioneers reveals a body of work that is many ways utterly contemporary, and merits revisiting.

  1. 1 Malcolm Clarke - La Grande Piece De La Foire De La Rue Delaware BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1:00
  2. 2 John Baker - Brio BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1:00
  3. 3 Dick Mills - Adagio BBC Radiophonic Workshop 0:51
  4. 4 Roger Limb - Geraldine BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1:02
  5. 5 Malcolm Clarke - Bath Time BBC Radiophonic Workshop 0:55
  6. 6 Glynis Jones/Malcolm Clarke - Nenuphar BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1:01
  7. 7 Dick Mills - Major Bloodnok's Stomach BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  8. 8 Paddy Kingsland - The Panel Beaters BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  9. 9 Dick Mills - Crazy BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  10. 10 Glynis Jones - Veils & Mirrors BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  11. 11 Malcolm Clarke - Romanescan Rout BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  12. 12 Glynis Jones - Schlum Rooli BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  13. 13 Roger Limb - Kitten's Lullaby BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  14. 14 Richard Yeoman-Clark - Waltz Antipathy BBC Radiophonic Workshop  
  15. 15 Paddy Kingsland - The World Of Science BBC Radiophonic Workshop  

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