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Under A Single Banner
Under A Single Banner
Bed of Nails
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November 2013
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Dominick Fernow’s Bed of Nails imprint presents Shifted’s second album, following the ‘Crossed Paths’, released on Mote-Evolver. The sparseness and attention to detail that characterised his debut is still to be enjoyed throughout the 9 tracks which comprise ‘Under a Single Banner’, but there is a rougher, harsher edge to the sound quality which brings the producer’s intentions across even more persuasively. ‘Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart’ is a slice of precise, sandpaper techno, while ‘Contract 0’ allows crisp percussion to take the fore, with a background of dripping glitch threatening to spill over into the stability of the pulse at any moment. ‘Suspended Inside’ pulls all the tricks at once, with a re-iterating hi-hat and sinister bit-crushed cowbells adding up to something much more terrifying than the sum of its parts.

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  1. 1 Core Of Stone 4:26 Shifted Buy
  2. 2 Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart 5:28 Shifted Buy
  3. 3 Suspended Inside 5:06 Shifted Buy
  4. 4 Under A Single Banner 4:49 Shifted Buy
  5. 5 Burning Tyres 4:49 Shifted Buy
  6. 6 Pulse Incomplete 4:49 Shifted Buy
  7. 7 Contract 0 4:49 Shifted Buy
  8. 8 Story Of Aurea 4:49 Shifted Buy
  9. 9 Wash Over Me 4:49 Shifted Buy


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