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Roger Eno & Lol Hammond
All Saints Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
11 novembro 2013


An unlikely collaboration perhaps, modern classical composer Roger Eno teamed up with Drum Club's Lol Hammond for a joint album in 1999 which is now being reissued by All Saints. The pastoral sensibilities of Eno's music and the glacial techno of Hammond make for a strong pairing with groaning low-end on title track 'Damage' made into an otherworldly lament, the haunting keys on 'Blue Kind Of Drug' given depth and an eerie space-age glimmer, and the languid trip hop sounds of 'Hip Hop Flipperty Flop' given weight by sparse piano.

Lista de Faixas Digitais

  1. 1 Code 3:00 Comprar
  2. 2 Damage 7:17 Comprar
  3. 3 Something Orange 4:08 Comprar
  4. 4 Gerrard St 1:03 Comprar
  5. 5 Sky Becomes A Loop 6:22 Comprar
  6. 6 Room Without Lights 4:14 Comprar
  7. 7 Lose That Skin 8:10 Comprar
  8. 8 Blue Kind Of Drug 6:21 Comprar
  9. 9 Kinky Ink 4:44 Comprar
  10. 10 Coming Up For Air 0:53 Comprar
  11. 11 Burst 4:03 Comprar
  12. 12 Hip Hop Flipperty Flop 5:00 Comprar
  13. 13 Sky Becomes A Reprise 2:34 Comprar

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