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In The Dark: Detroit Is Back
Various Artists
In The Dark: Detroit Is Back
Still Music
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November 2013
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Jerome Derradji's Still Music label released a compilation titled 'In the Dark: The Soul of Detroit' back in 2005, a release that told the impressive story of the city's musical heritage. Now the label has followed this up with a second compilation 'In The Dark: Detroit Is Back', which highlights the current strong health of the Detroit music scene. Among the standouts are 'Bubble Wrap 106' from Alex Israel which deftly plays with classic house sounds, Terrence Dixon's two pieces of churning techno 'The Fall Guy Pt. 1' and 'Pt. 2', and the rough strings and driving rhythms of 'Underlying Dreams' by Gabbamonkey. An essential document of a city which, despite it's impressive past, still has plenty more to offer.

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  1. 1 The Answer 6:01 Craig Huckaby feat. Kelly Hayes Buy
  2. 2 Bubble Wrap 106 6:16 Alex Israel Buy
  3. 3 Cyber Love 5:50 Reggie Dokes Buy
  4. 4 Cosmic Rituals 7:32 Patrice Scott Buy
  5. 5 2 pace back 6:00 Gabbamonkey Buy
  6. 6 A Message For The DJ 5:29 Delano Smith feat. Diamondancer Buy
  7. 7 I'd Rather Be With You 8:01 Todd Modes Buy
  8. 8 Celebration Amp Fiddler (Amp Fiddler Remix) 5:45 Patchworks Buy
  9. 9 Free your mind 5:30 Mike "Agent X" Clark Buy
  10. 10 As She Moves 9:28 Raybone Jones & Jon Easley Buy
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