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Pangaea Ultima
Steve Moore
Pangaea Ultima
Spectrum Spools
Cat. No.
Release Date
December 2013
9 Tracks


Synth explorer Steve Moore arrives for the first time on the magnificent Spectrum Spools imprint with ‘Pangea Ultima’. ‘Deep Time’ uses naïve elements with precision, with subdued synth chords and a pinpoint 808 pulse arriving on top of each other but never quite syncing up in the way that they do more conventionally on ‘Logotone’. Ambient cuts like ‘Endless Mountains’ and ‘Aphelion’ massage the ears infinitely with slowly evolving walls of synthesiser, and cuts like ‘Planetwalk’ achieve the same effect through pulsing arpeggios and occasional moment of ethereal percussion.

Track List

  1. 1 Endless Caverns 6:05 Steve Moore Buy
  2. 2 Planetwalk 5:11 Steve Moore Buy
  3. 3 Deep Time 5:40 Steve Moore Buy
  4. 4 Nemesis 6:19 Steve Moore Buy
  5. 5 Pangaea Ultima 8:48 Steve Moore Buy
  6. 6 Logotone 5:53 Steve Moore Buy
  7. 7 Aphelion 7:16 Steve Moore Buy
  8. 8 Endless Mountains 6:07 Steve Moore Buy
  9. 9 Worldbuilding 6:53 Steve Moore Buy

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