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Steve Stoll
Cat. No.
Release Date
January 2014
16 Tracks


Veteran NYC producer Steve Stoll ditches the dance-floor in favor of Radiophonic-style analog explorations. Praxis, released via Ireland’s Psychonavigation, is heavily indebted to 1950’s pioneers like Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram. Considering the current popularity of modular electronics with labels like Modern Love and Ghost Box, Stoll’s reverential work has arrived right on time. BBC Workshop heads should enjoy the claustrophobic ambience of opener ‘Praxis I’ and the off-kilter lope of ‘Praxis XV’. Stoll’s dub-techno roots are not always far from the surface though, as evidenced in the rising, rhythmic tension of ‘Praxis IV’.

Track List

  1. 1 Praxis (Part I) 4:13 Steve Stoll Buy
  2. 2 Praxis (Part II) 3:50 Steve Stoll Buy
  3. 3 Praxis (Part III) 4:22 Steve Stoll Buy
  4. 4 Praxis (Part IV) 3:34 Steve Stoll Buy
  5. 5 Praxis (Part V) 3:56 Steve Stoll Buy
  6. 6 Praxis (Part VI) 4:41 Steve Stoll Buy
  7. 7 Praxis (Part VII) 2:55 Steve Stoll Buy
  8. 8 Praxis (Part VIII) 1:12 Steve Stoll Buy
  9. 9 Praxis (Part IX) 3:47 Steve Stoll Buy
  10. 10 Praxis (Part X) 3:00 Steve Stoll Buy
  11. 11 Praxis (Part XI) 1:30 Steve Stoll Buy
  12. 12 Praxis (Part XII) 0:34 Steve Stoll Buy
  13. 13 Praxis (Part XIII) 4:44 Steve Stoll Buy
  14. 14 Praxis (Part XIV) 1:27 Steve Stoll Buy
  15. 15 Praxis (Part XV) 3:19 Steve Stoll Buy
  16. 16 Praxis (Part XVI) 1:42 Steve Stoll Buy


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