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Dragon Under
Neil Landstrumm
Dragon Under
Sneaker Social Club
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November 2013
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Scottish veteran Neil Landstrumm arrives on Sneaker Social Club, having released his three previous albums with Planet Mu, with an exuberant full length packed full of rave nostalgia in bold colours. ‘Dragging Under’ is synthetic and brash in all the right ways, with blunted 808 drums, bursts of rudimentary synth brass and an insistent acid bass line, while ‘Nonplussed’ is a warped take on Chicago house that will appeal to fans of Bunker Records and co. ‘The Great Nonsense’ is the standout though, where bumping electro arpeggios and a twisted, yet velvety vocal sample worm into ever stranger configurations.

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  1. 1 The Great Nonsense 3:47 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  2. 2 Dragging Under 4:16 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  3. 3 Nonplussed 6:08 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  4. 4 Has Anyone Seen Raz? 4:43 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  5. 5 Electrified at Dawn 4:31 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  6. 6 Kevin from Heaven 4:14 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  7. 7 Mr Weird Loves Candyfloss 4:10 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  8. 8 Two Stroke 3:37 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  9. 9 £300 Just to Open the Door Yeh 4:07 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  10. 10 Where Do We Begin 4:47 Neil Landstrumm Buy
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