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Dream Ritual
A Sagittariun
Dream Ritual
Elastic Dreams
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November 2013
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Producers shrouded in shadowy anonymity are nothing unusual these days, but few pull it off with as much style as A Sagittariun who, operating simply under the name of the ninth sign of the zodiac, has produced a slew of exceptional 12"s for (we assume his own imprint) Elastic Dreams. Dream Ritual is his first full length album, and its an exceptional distillation of that fantastical, cosmic techno sound he has been honing. It's a sound with routes in the starry, sci-fi synthesizers of Detroit Techno as well as the celestial glimmers of '90s electronica. 'Crystalization' trickles into focus, patters of keys and slippery bass bubbling just below the surface, 'Year Of The Ox' is funkier in flavour, while 'Seven Locks (In Dub)' is a dystopian techno march. An exceptional and playful album highlighting the psychedelic possibilities of techno.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Sundial A Sagittariun 4:23 Buy
  2. 2 Crystallization A Sagittariun feat. Skip McDonald 9:32 Buy
  3. 3 V4641 Sgr A Sagittariun 5:36 Buy
  4. 4 Conquering Lions A Sagittariun 6:52 Buy
  5. 5 Seven Locks (In Dub) A Sagittariun 5:10 Buy
  6. 6 The South Node A Sagittariun 6:36 Buy
  7. 7 Trine A Sagittariun 6:48 Buy
  8. 8 The Age of Sin A Sagittariun 4:46 Buy
  9. 9 Year of the Ox A Sagittariun 5:53 Buy
  10. 10 The Mind Has No Time A Sagittariun 6:01 Buy
  11. 11 A Lucid Dream (Original Dream) A Sagittariun 8:18 Buy
  12. 12 Network Restoration A Sagittariun 6:36 Buy

A Sagittariun

Elastic Dreams

Electronic and Electronica

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