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Ghostly International
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November 2013
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Berlin based Lorenz Brunner AKA Recondite pays homage to his Bavarian homeland in new second LP ‘Hinterland’. Coming via Ghostly International, the versatile electronic artist has amassed and included a plethora of field recordings that capture the variety of moods found in the German free-state. A strong sense of cohesion allows the piece to work as a continual piece or as individual tracks, each carrying the organic production qualities made known from previous Plangent and Acid Test releases. Opener 'Rise' is like a delicate beginning to a dense lucid dream, with 'Riant' and 'Abscondence' each possessing tip-toe melodies and a huge sense of depth.

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  1. 1 Rise 2:41 Recondite Buy
  2. 2 Leafs 5:12 Recondite Buy
  3. 3 Still 4:00 Recondite Buy
  4. 4 Riant 5:20 Recondite Buy
  5. 5 Stems 7:17 Recondite Buy
  6. 6 Floe 2:39 Recondite Buy
  7. 7 Abscondence 6:33 Recondite Buy
  8. 8 Clouded 7:31 Recondite Buy
  9. 9 Fey 4:37 Recondite Buy
  10. 10 The Fade 3:47 Recondite Buy
  11. 11 Grove 4:17 Recondite Buy


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