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The Water's Way
The Water's Way
Friends of Friends
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September 2013
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LA’s Friends of Friends have hopped over to Berlin for a release from Aussie Kyson. Jiam Kellet-Liew puts out thirteen tracks of delirious ambience, awash with bright colour and incredible depth. The album is inspired by his own travelling experiences which he transmits through these haunting and slowly drifting works.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 We've Been Inside For Too Long 5:10 Kyson Buy
  2. 2 Missing Things 4:36 Kyson Buy
  3. 3 No Such Thing As Me 4:19 Kyson Buy
  4. 4 She Said To Me Quietly 6:08 Kyson Buy
  5. 5 Ran Away 2:43 Kyson Buy
  6. 6 How Long 6:22 Kyson Buy
  7. 7 Moments in the Background 3:19 Kyson Buy
  8. 8 My Mother's Eyes 4:24 Kyson Buy
  9. 9 Ceremonies 2:37 Kyson Buy
  10. 10 Shadows Cross 4:16 Kyson Buy
  11. 11 Sunnyvale (Bonus Track) 4:33 Kyson Buy
  12. 12 Gazes (Bonus Track) 3:17 Kyson Buy
  13. 13 I've Got You (Bonus Track) 4:29 Kyson Buy


Friends of Friends

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