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Journey Into Anywhere
Compound Eye
Journey Into Anywhere
Editions Mego
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October 2013
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‘Journey Into Anywhere’ is an extended session of dark psychedelic improvisations from Drew McDowall (ex-Coil member) and Tres Warren (Psychic Ills and Messages), released on Peter Rehberg’s formidable Editions Mego imprint. The compositions compiled on this lengthy release unfold with a leisurely minimalism that is at once humble and utterly transcendental. ‘Open Interval 1’ and ‘…2’ are full of the kind of time-bending synth arpeggiations which characterise Daniel Lopatin’s early work as Oneohtrix Point Never, while on extended album-closer ‘The Outer Sphere’ these shimmering elements appear to have collapsed into a succession of broken noises, adding a sense of poignant decay to the duo’s dreamy aesthetic.

  1. 1 Foehn 2:07 Compound Eye Buy
  2. 2 Archaic Atmosphere 11:20 Compound Eye Buy
  3. 3 The Hydraulic Regime Vibrates from Within 7:40 Compound Eye Buy
  4. 4 Journey Into Anywhere 18:06 Compound Eye Buy
  5. 5 Open Interval 1 4:17 Compound Eye Buy
  6. 6 Cosmic Exhaust: The Selector (Cut-up composition) 7:10 Compound Eye Buy
  7. 7 Open Interval 2 3:51 Compound Eye Buy
  8. 8 The Outer Sphere 14:21 Compound Eye Buy

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