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Just Another Diamond Day
Vashti Bunyan
Just Another Diamond Day
Dicristina Stair Builders
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September 2013
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In the late 1960’s English singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan headed out to the north of the U.K in an attempt to escape the stress of life in the nation’s capital. It is here that her debut LP Just Another Diamond Day was written, a touching piece of warm, folk-rock beauty. The soft ‘Diamond Day’ carries a lullaby feel, positioning Bunyan’s delicate voice against cheerful, acoustic instruments. Equally fragile is ‘Glow Worms’, where the beautifully simple combination of guitar and voice are placed together again.

  1. 1 Diamond Day Vashti Bunyan 1:32
  2. 2 Glow Worms Vashti Bunyan 1:31
  3. 3 Lily Pond Vashti Bunyan 1:32
  4. 4 Timothy Grub Vashti Bunyan 1:32
  5. 5 Where I Like To Stand Vashti Bunyan 1:32
  6. 6 Swallow Song Vashti Bunyan 1:31
  7. 7 Window Over The Bay Vashti Bunyan 1:31
  8. 8 Rose Hip November Vashti Bunyan 1:31
  9. 9 Come Wind Come Rain Vashti Bunyan 1:31
  10. 10 Hebridean Sun Vashti Bunyan 0:21
  11. 11 Rainbow River Vashti Bunyan 1:32
  12. 12 Trawlerman's Song Vashti Bunyan 1:31
  13. 13 Jog Along Bess Vashti Bunyan 1:31
  14. 14 Iris's Song For Us Vashti Bunyan 0:21

Vashti Bunyan


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