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Love Letter
Tresor Records
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June 7, 2024

Press Release

Fireground’s live sets brim with joy and Mediterranean warmth so, as we have now passed the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and are well on en route to leave the long, cold winter behind, what could be more fitting than a new release from the duo?

As with their three previous releases on Tresor (Dualism, Refreshing Part 1, and Dreams) for Love Letter Angela and Daniele have created a heady melange of styles of techno synonymous with the turn of the century with such outrageous elan and jubilation that they practically embody the musical term giocoso:

“We had the "summer" concept in mind from the beginning, this pushed us to create a message in our sound making it uplifting and engaging, capable of conveying a positive, romantic and warm vibe.

In our productions we always give priority to the harmonic parts such as melodies, pads, piano and guitar riffs, the peculiarity of this EP is that all the tracks were born first from these elements, and only at the end the groove was crafted, not due to a difference in importance, rather to ensure that the rhythmic part paid as much respect as possible to the harmonic part.”

This decision to build upwards from the harmonics has paid dividends: the entrance of a string section provokes visions of a rapt club crowd cheering with exultation; a looped groove stimulates a connection to such gleeful nostalgia that is almost certain to be heard at many festivals in coming months; a blissful pad sweeps over a track like the first rays of sun in the morning; a filtered synth rises to be met with a xylophone-like countermelody...every track has a moment where the music overflows with some form of happiness. Together the collection promises, and perhaps even delivers, a summer both ecstatic and joyful.

  1. 1 The Element 2:00
  2. 2 Riva 2:00
  3. 3 Love Letter 2:00
  4. 4 Etereo 2:00


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