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Full Time Hobby
Cat. No.
Release Date
September 2013
8 Tracks
  • Vinyl 1×LP + MP3 $24.99
    • set of exclusive postcards

    In stock. Shipping now.

  • CD   + MP3 $14.99
    • set of exclusive postcards

    In stock. Shipping now.

  • PDF   Not Available in Your Territory

  • WAV / FLAC 16-bit Lossless + PDF Not Available in Your Territory
    • PDF of exclusive postcards

  • MP3 320kbps – LAME Encoded + PDF Not Available in Your Territory
    • PDF of exclusive postcards

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Seams comes back to Full Time Hobby for his debut full-length on the label, following last year’s EP ‘Tourist / Sleeper’. The Hampshire-born and Berlin-based producer, James Welch, has crafted eight tracks, recorded in four different locations around the German capital over the course of last year. Glitchy sounds and fidgety synths locate his electronic musings in the same spectrum of artists like Gold Panda, Luke Abbott and Four Tet. Opening track 'ClapOne' is a piece of transcendental, whirling magic, it's ravey euphoria delivered with an earthy edge. 'Pocket' is a piece of meandering, krautrock-esque electronics, spidery synths and barely there sounds coalescing into something subtle and beautiful. It's an emotional album, a release born just as much of nature's peaceful landscapes as the clattering beats of the club.

Each order will come with an exclusive set of four Berlin-themed postcards, each focusing on the part of the city in which the album was recorded. Digital customers will receive these as individual PDFs.

Track List

  1. 1 ClapOne 5:56 Seams Buy
  2. 2 Constants 5:54 Seams Buy
  3. 3 Pocket 2:39 Seams Buy
  4. 4 Sitcom Apartment 4:58 Seams Buy
  5. 5 Iceblerg 4:42 Seams Buy
  6. 6 Hurry Guests 5:25 Seams Buy
  7. 7 Rilo 5:48 Seams Buy
  8. 8 TXL 4:32 Seams Buy


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