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Celestial Soul Portrait
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June 25, 2013


Legendary New Age music king Iasos has been recording since 1975, and ‘Celestial Soul Portrait’ is the first compilation of his exotic, chilled-out sounds. Focusing on his first decade of material this album shimmers with his “inter-dimensional output”, from the guitar gauze of ‘Rainbow Canyon’ to the pearly luminescence and harp strings of ‘The Royal Court of the Goddess Vesta’. It won’t get you onto the dance floor but it’s worlds better than any whalesong CD you can buy.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame 0:46 Buy

    I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame

  2. 2 Rainbow Canyon 7:00
  3. 3 The Angels Of Comfort 10:59
  4. 4 Blue Fire Realms 3:36 Buy

    Blue Fire Realms

  5. 5 Siren Shallows 2:24 Buy

    Siren Shallows

  6. 6 Crystal Petals 3:14 Buy

    Crystal Petals

  7. 7 Procession On The Horizon 4:35 Buy

    Procession On The Horizon

  8. 8 The Royal Court Of The Goddess Vesta 6:09 Buy

    The Royal Court Of The Goddess Vesta

  9. 9 The Winds Of Olympus 10:55
  10. 10 The Descent Of Spring 3:29 Buy

    The Descent Of Spring

  11. 11 Cloud Prayer 5:02 Buy
  12. 12 Spring Temple Forest 6:23 Buy

    Spring Temple Forest

  13. 13 Crystal-White-Fire-Light 13:41

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