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The Visitor
Matias Aguayo
The Visitor
Catalogue Number
Comeme CD 03
Release Date
June 2013
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Chilean party instigator Matias Aguayo is back with his third album to date, ‘The Visitor’. With his usual flair and flamboyance Aguayo delivers a distinct listen. Proto-house, techno, new wave and various strains of Latin heat simmer away across twelve up-tempo tracks. Aguayo layers his alluringly chaotic vocals over the top of driving rhythms and acoustic instrumentation making for a more provocative listen than we’re used to from the Comeme boss.

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  1. 1 Rrrrr 4:32 Matias Aguayo
  2. 2 Dear Inspector 7:46 Matias Aguayo
  3. 3 By The Graveyard 6:18 Matias Aguayo
  4. 4 Llegó El Don 4:21 Matias Aguayo
  5. 5 Una Fiesta Diferente 5:51 Matias Aguayo
  6. 6 El Sucu Tucu 4:53 Matias Aguayo
  7. 7 Aonde 4:23 Matias Aguayo
  8. 8 El Camarón 4:32 Matias Aguayo
  9. 9 Do You Wanna Work 4:13 Matias Aguayo
  10. 10 Levantate Diegors 4:02 Matias Aguayo
  11. 11 Las Cruces 4:58 Matias Aguayo
  12. 12 A Certain Spirit 7:08 Matias Aguayo

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