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Yosi Horikawa
First Word Records
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June 2013
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Japanese producer and RMBA graduate Yosi Horikawa has been making great waves, bubbling under the surface, and now lets his debut LP loose on the world. An intensely immersive journey into experimental electronics and carefully crafted synthwork, Horikawa weaves a rich tapestry of textures for maximalist effect. Jazzy, aural sculptures are shaped throughout this fascinating sonic journey.

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  1. 1 Intro 1:39 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  2. 2 Bump 4:41 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  3. 3 Maki 4:49 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  4. 4 Splash 4:05 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  5. 5 Beer 3:22 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  6. 6 Wandering 4:03 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  7. 7 Interlude 2:30 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  8. 8 Summer in 1987 6:04 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  9. 9 Kingdom Of Frogs 4:29 Yosi Horikawa Buy
  10. 10 Rainbow 6:29 Yosi Horikawa Buy
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Yosi Horikawa

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