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Not Waving
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Release Date
June 2013
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Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia, who together make music as Walls, have started up a new label, Ecstatic. The first full length album from the label keeps things in the family with Alessio - who has also released as Banjo Or Freakout - putting out 'Umwelt' under the name Not Waving. Following on from a series of EPs of sprawling arpeggiated electronics, the album continues in a similar vein with nine tracks of esoteric pulsations and '80s-inspired post-punk tooled for the weirder end of the dance floor.

From throbbing and dizzying - "Sicklerville Blackwood" - to light and sweeping - "Nemrut Dagi" - it's a record with range. The plucking "Kesswil", with its robotic vocals and steadily building static is pleasingly odd, while "Mansfield Underhill" is a doomy piece of immaculate D.I.Y. darkness. Final track "Truth Or Consequence" comes closes to the sun-scorched electronics of Walls, but is rougher around the edges. Truly special. Comes on red vinyl, mastered by Sonic Boom of Spaceman 3.

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  1. 1 Kneecap Ridge 3:27 Not Waving Buy …
  2. 2 Sicklerville Blackwood 3:48 Not Waving Buy …
  3. 3 Carrizo Plan 4:27 Not Waving Buy …
  4. 4 Nemrut Dagi 6:19 Not Waving Buy …
  5. 5 Kesswil 3:43 Not Waving Buy …
  6. 6 Wladimarinello 3:22 Not Waving Buy …
  7. 7 Mansfield Underhill 7:04 Not Waving Buy …
  8. 8 Battle Mountain 4:01 Not Waving Buy …
  9. 9 Truth Or Consequences 5:06 Not Waving Buy …

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