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Cloud Room, Glass Room
Pan American
Cloud Room, Glass Room
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April 2013
7 Tracks
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While guitarist Mark Nelson’s post-rock band Labradford remain in hibernation, his work as Pan.American is still going strong, with this seventh LP of analogue noises seeing percussionist Steven Hess given full member status. 'Cloud Room, Glass Room' offers more of the pair's exquisite fuzzy drones, with crackling rainfall and euphoric guitar strains on 'Project for an Apartment Building' and 'Virginia Waveform' seeing Labradford bassist Bobby Donne return for some dreamy low-end. Worth every minute of the four-year wait.

  1. 1 The Cloud Room 7:36 Pan American Buy
  2. 2 Fifth Avenue 1960 7:42 Pan American Buy
  3. 3 Relays 6:57 Pan American Buy
  4. 4 Glass Room at the Airport 7:12 Pan American Buy
  5. 5 Laurel South 6:57 Pan American Buy
  6. 6 Project for an Apartment Building 6:02 Pan American Buy
  7. 7 Virginia Waveform 7:37 Pan American Buy

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