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Carmen Villain
Smalltown Supersound
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March 2013
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Cascading waves of sound and post-grunge angst from fashion model turned indie rock songstress Carmen Villain. With her debut record appearing on Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound, her dissonant and deconstructivist rock gets given a Scandinavian pop makeover, indebting her sprawling guitar noise with a healthy dose of pop weirdness.

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  1. 1 Two Towns 3:54 Carmen Villain Buy
  2. 2 Easy 4:34 Carmen Villain Buy
  3. 3 Lifeissin 3:19 Carmen Villain Buy
  4. 4 Obedience 6:16 Carmen Villain Buy
  5. 5 Made A Shell 4:07 Carmen Villain Buy
  6. 6 How Much 3:29 Carmen Villain Buy
  7. 7 Light, See 1:07 Carmen Villain Buy
  8. 8 Dreamo 4:58 Carmen Villain Buy
  9. 9 It May Well Die 1:58 Carmen Villain Buy
  10. 10 Kingwoman 3:33 Carmen Villain Buy
  11. 11 Slowaway 0:58 Carmen Villain Buy
  12. 12 Demon Lover 3:47 Carmen Villain Buy

Carmen Villain

Smalltown Supersound

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