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Bones in Motion
The Cyclist
Bones in Motion
Stones Throw
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March 2013
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Unsurprisingly, Northern Ireland’s The Cyclist is a hard bloke to pin down, shifting from retro house to buzzing dark ambience. This latest album sees him refusing to stay still, serving up rhythmic witch house on ‘Reels’, decayed Euro pop on the title track, and crackling, angry dub techno on ‘Black Train’. Imagine Skrillex if he was forced to record in a scrapyard. Then imagine that you can dance to it.

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  1. 1 Feel Beauty 0:35 The Cyclist Buy
  2. 2 Mangel 0:23 The Cyclist Buy
  3. 3 Bones in Motion 0:45 The Cyclist Buy
  4. 4 Sheen 0:10 The Cyclist Buy
  5. 5 Makeshift 0:16 The Cyclist Buy
  6. 6 Stove 0:18 The Cyclist Buy
  7. 7 The March 0:27 The Cyclist Buy
  8. 8 Another Exploitation 0:06 The Cyclist Buy
  9. 9 Visions 0:34 The Cyclist Buy
  10. 10 Black Train 0:23 The Cyclist Buy
  11. 11 Fleet Meeting 0:12 The Cyclist Buy
  12. 12 Dusty 0:29 The Cyclist Buy
  13. 13 Mongel 0:08 The Cyclist Buy
  14. 14 Reels 0:48 The Cyclist Buy
  15. 15 Sleeping 0:14 The Cyclist Buy

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