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The Marriage of True Minds
The Marriage of True Minds
Thrill Jockey
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February 2013
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Very possibly the only album you’ll hear this year with its own parapsychology research programme, ‘The Marriage of True Minds’ is Matmos’ attempt to remote-view their musical ideas to volunteers. They’ve either got the gift or have excellent producers as this LP is never short of fascinating: furious static/strings/crockery on ‘Ross Transcript’, clicking piano scales on ‘You’. Descriptive voices appear whenever there’s a clear melody - whether they’re spirits or sessions vocalists is for you to decide yourself.

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  1. 1 You 7:02 Matmos Buy
  2. 2 Very Large Green Triangles 4:43 Matmos Buy
  3. 3 Mental Radio 3:39 Matmos Buy
  4. 4 Ross Transcript 2:37 Matmos Buy
  5. 5 Teen Paranormal Romance 4:47 Matmos Buy
  6. 6 Tunnel 5:40 Matmos Buy
  7. 7 In Search of a Lost Faculty 6:11 Matmos Buy
  8. 8 Aetheric Vehicle 7:14 Matmos Buy
  9. 9 ESP 8:03 Matmos Buy


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