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Dutch Tvashar Plumes
Lee Gamble
Dutch Tvashar Plumes
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December 2012
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Following swiftly on from his game-changing ‘Diversions 1994-1996’ LP, also out on PAN, Lee Gamble reveals its successor – a substantially more in-depth appraisal of Gamble’s skills for digitised alien experimentalism. Where ‘Diversions’ casts its eye back to jungle’s past, ‘Dutch Tvashar Plumes’ looks firmly forward, staring straight into the avant-garde with a taste for the academic, albeit with some well placed nods to the ghost’s of rave.

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  1. 1 Skorokhodz 4:14 Lee Gamble Buy
  2. 2 Plos 97s 4:20 Lee Gamble Buy
  3. 3 Black Snow 1:46 Lee Gamble Buy
  4. 4 Coma Skank 6:15 Lee Gamble Buy
  5. 5 ExpRand Trace 3:00 Lee Gamble Buy
  6. 6 Overund 3:38 Lee Gamble Buy
  7. 7 Barker Spirals 2:18 Lee Gamble Buy
  8. 8 Nowhen Hooks 5:00 Lee Gamble Buy
  9. 9 Tvash Kwawar 3:09 Lee Gamble Buy
  10. 10 Kuang Shaped Prowla 6:06 Lee Gamble Buy

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