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Psychic Ills
Hazed Dream
Sacred Bones Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 18, 2011


Initially released in 2011, the Hazed Dream LP by New Yorkers Psychic Ills is one of the finer works of American 21st-Century psychedelic rock. The songcraft, though doused liberally in reverb and echo, is a winner across Hazed Dream. Tracks like ‘Mind Daze’ and ‘That’s Alright’ drift pleasantly along in a manner that brings to mind Neil Young at his most fuzziest, while ‘Ring Finger’ is the sort of ballad they use to soundtrack stock footage of Glastonbury in BBC documentaries. The band are also not afraid to push off for pastures new - the slinky, sanguine instrumental ‘Travellin’ Man’ is a fine example of their ability to craft excellent mood-music.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Midnight Moon 3:49 Buy
  2. 2 Mind Daze 3:38 Buy
  3. 3 Incense Head 4:14 Buy
  4. 4 Mexican Wedding 3:21 Buy

    Mexican Wedding

  5. 5 That?s Alright 3:55 Buy

    That?s Alright

  6. 6 Ring Finger 4:08 Buy
  7. 7 Travelin? Man 3:43 Buy
  8. 8 Sungaze 4:08 Buy
  9. 9 Dream Repetition 2:01 Buy

    Dream Repetition

  10. 10 I?ll Follow You Through the Floor 4:47 Buy

    I?ll Follow You Through the Floor

  11. 11 Same Old Song 3:10 Buy

Psychic Ills

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