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Matthew Halsall
An Ever Changing View
Gondwana Records
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Release Date
8 september 2023


A change of scenery greatly influenced Matthew Halsall’s ninth album, made for wide pan shots of landscapes and feeling the breeze on your skin. An Ever Changing View continues the Gondwana Records founder’s mission in modern jazz, with compositions always in transit representing a blend of genres and locales. Short tracks of birdsong and piano keys strummed delicately like harps frame relaxed and expressive performances: rolling drums and lapping cymbals, trumpet, flute, and bass bathed in optimism, and an ensemble of mbira plucks bathed in optimism.

Digitale afspeellijst

  1. 1 Tracing Nature 1:11 Kopen
  2. 2 Water Street 8:18 Kopen
  3. 3 An Ever Changing View 6:32 Kopen
  4. 4 Calder Shapes 7:08 Kopen
  5. 5 Mountains, Trees and Seas 5:06 Kopen
  6. 6 Field of Vision 1:16 Kopen
  7. 7 Jewels 6:37 Kopen
  8. 8 Sunlight Reflection 1:23 Kopen
  9. 9 Natural Movement 5:09 Kopen
  10. 10 Triangles in the Sky 6:47 Kopen

Track List

  1. A1. Tracing Nature
  2. A2. Water Street
  3. B1. An Ever Changing View
  4. B2. Calder Shapes
  5. C1. Mountains, Trees and Seas
  6. C2. Field of Vision
  7. C3. Jewels
  8. D1. Sunlight Reflection
  9. D2. Natural Movement
  10. D3. Triangles in the Sky

Matthew Halsall

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