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The Expanding Universe
Laurie Spiegel
The Expanding Universe
Unseen Worlds
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September 2012
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Essential re-issue of the long lost, minimal electronic masterpiece from 1980. Laurie Spiegel is an American composer. She has worked at Bell Laboratories, in computer graphics, and is known primarily for her electronic-music compositions and her algorithmic composition software Music Mouse. Expanding Universe is the divine high-point of her career; a sweet, hyper-melodic burst of caressing and evolving arpeggios and gravity-defying drones, all composed via state of the art (for the 80s) computer synthesis. Her sinuous sine wave manipulation has been lauded by contemporary artists such as Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell citing her music as a vital influence. An absolute must for anyone with even a passing interest in electronic music.

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  1. 1 Patchwork 9:46 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  2. 2 Old Wave 6:53 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  3. 3 Pentachrome 7:18 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  4. 4 A Folk Study  2:03 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  5. 5 Drums  7:09 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  6. 6 Appalachian Grove I  5:22 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  7. 7 Appalachian Grove II 7:56 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  8. 8 Appalachian Grove III 3:14 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  9. 9 The Expanding Universe  28:28 Laurie Spiegel Buy
  10. 10 East River Dawn 14:16 Laurie Spiegel Buy
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